Many times we are faced with suffering from pain in which we know exactly what we did or how the pain came about. There are those other times when we begin experiencing pain from what many relate to as "for no reason". When we are experiencing pain, this symptom can be due to a bunch of underlying issues that we either cannot see or we have no clue they were even there until it is too late and the pain is intolerable. It's always safe to get it checked before the symptoms become greater and begin to cause other issues. 

Our ultimate goal is to IMPACT the health of as many lives as possible through our results-driven treatment approach. We are committed to getting you out of pain as quickly as possible by fully evaluating and treating your condition or ailment in order to find the true source or cause. Through our hands-on approach, advancements in technology, extensive training, and personalized detail that you receive, we are also committed to addressing and preventing future "flair-ups" or re-injuries. Whether you are just trying to get out of pain and feeling better or trying to get back on the field/court, back to working out or just maintaining your wellness, it is our dedication at Impact ChiroSport to help you achieve your personal wellness or recovery goals and even further by allowing you to perform at the highest level possible. These are a few reasons why we are more than just a chiropractic clinic, we are Healthcare Beyond Wellness, by Taking Healthcare to a Whole New Level.

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All of the functions related to the amazing human body are controlled and coordinated by the extensive neural network. Interference or stresses in any part of the nerve system may result in health problems in a variety of areas throughout our bodies. Take a moment and explore which areas of the body are influenced by the different areas of your spine. You will be amazed at how the spine and nerve system are interrelated and connected to every aspect of our expression of health and wellness.



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