Impact ChiroSport is more than just a chiropractic office. We provide a variety of proven and safe specialty treatment methods and therapies that are strategically utilized to address all of your specific healthcare needs in order for you to "Live Better. Perform Better" Call us to find out more!


Chiropractic Care is a holistic method for beating various conditions or aliments utlizing various modalities and/or pysiotherapies Many times. Chiropractors are known for performing a technique referred to as a manipulation or an adjustment. This treatment method is a skilled technique in which the doctor restores the movement and corrects misalignments within the joints either throughout the spine or other parts of the body using various methods including the use of hands and/or instruments. Through Dr. Edwards' years of training and experience in utilizing the latest techniques, these methods and approach are proven even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before.


We are a proud partner of Normatec Recovery. Normatec is truly the leader for being the most advanced, proven and reliable in compression therapy. Compression therapy is a treatment method that involves calculated contraction and relaxation of the extremity for the purpose of increase blood flow through the targeted region. By doing so in a specific manner it has been successfully utilized for recovery, decreasing inflammation, preparing the tissue for an event, pain reduction, increase healing, increase range of motion and many other beneficial results. Normatec has been devoted to maintaining the highest quality as well as being the leader in research and development for compression and recovery.


Our comprehensive hands-on approach also includes making sure that all of the involved and surrounding tissues are property addressed as well. These tissues may include muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons that are either overlooked or are not thought to be involved. We utilize various manual therapy techniques including massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, stretching fascia work foam rolling as well as many others in order to fully address your condition


Impact ChiroSport also offers the latest and most proven passive modalities on the market to further assist you in getting positive results Through our research and decades of experience, our additional modalities and treatments include electric stimulation therapeutic ultrasound, vibration therapy. themotherapy and intersegmental traction Each of these modalities have been specifically chosen in order to address an array of conditions and aments


Pysiotherapy or also known as Physical Therapy or Physical Medicine is a form of treatment utilizing multiple methods to properly address a condition without the use of prescription medication. In order to be thorough in our approach, we are experienced in addressing all phases of care by also incorporating various exercises, conditioning, re-training and/or strengthening. This is extremely vital in reducing the chance of re- injury. prolonging the recovery or re- aggravating an injury/condition


Though kinetic or kinesiotaping has been extremely popular within the sports realm, this technique has been proven to be effective and utilized in an array of conditions, ailments and/or injuries not associated with sports. Taping is a method that can be used for decreasing inflammation, stimulating tissue decreasing pain, increasing blood flow. providing additional support as well as even in corrective care. In addition to being property trained and experienced, we have found that using the right products is extremely important. We use and promote Rocktape which is the highest quality tape in the industry that has been tested and proven to withstand activities


The additional key to wellness is what we are eating and ingesting Just the not all foods are good for us, the same goes with supplements In addition to providing you with the latest research as well as what supplements and brands are recommended for your needs, we also offer the highest quality products within the clinic. Poor quality supplements end up being flushed out of the system and are not absorbed and proper used within the body For these reasons we only carry pharmaceutical grade products to assure your body is getting the proper dose as well as highest quality needed. It's always important to consult your provider before taking


In junction to the treatment and therapy you receive within the clinic, we want to make sure that you are properly instructed on what to do at home. If clinically indicated, we may recommend home instructions or care in order to speed up your recovery or to prevent future fair-ups. In order to help you reach your goals, we offer several proven products within the clinic for sale. Whether you are an athlete needing an additional edge to your performance, want to speed up your recovery or just maintain your wellness, we have the quality products to implement. We know that these products do not take the place of treatment, but they can definitely help in between visits.


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